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Dear Diary,

I am so excited to be publishing my first blog and to be interviewed for the Art Around The World. I was asked the following questions:

Q)Why Do I Do What I Do?

A) I am passionate about the transformative power of the arts which is why I chose to make my life’s work being an artist.   I recently started to refer to myself as a creative octopus who wears many hats. I am an actress, artist educator, drama specialist, writer, and activist. producer, inspirational speaker, and I working on my certification in drama therapy. I recently added creative entrepreneur with the launching of my new creative business The Rainbow Butterfly Café (creating Artistic Treats to nourish the mind, heart and soul) . I've wanted to be an actress ever since I can remember and all the other things I do are an extension of who I am as an actress.

 Q) How Does My Work Differ From Others In Its Genre?

A) All artists bring their own individuality to their art form. There may be similarities but no two artists are completely alike. I have cerebral palsy which mildly affects my speech and gait. I have a quote on my acting website that says celebrating the disability experience in film, television, and theater. My mission as an actress is to not only entertain but to ensure that disability is an inclusive and visible part of the American Scene. I am also committed to as an actress to performing  my art on a variety of stages whether it is a theater, sound stage, or classroom.

Q) How Does My Creative Process Work?

My process varies depending on which creative hat I am wearing. When I am working on a character, for a show my goal is to embody that character and see the world around me through the characters point of view. I may use movement, visual art or music to help me build the character from the inside out.  When I am wearing my Artist Educator and or Drama Specialist hat my purpose is to use the performing arts as tool to meet the goals of the students I am working with. It is the initial process creation that excites me and challenges me simultaneously.

Q) What Am I Working On Right Now? 

A) I have a lot of wonderful things going on right now;

I just created my first blog The Diaries of DEJ

I  have a new acting reel

I just launched my creative business The Rainbow Butterfly Café The R.B.C. is an innovative and one of a kind “café: committed to creating and producing Artistic Treats (theater productions, performance lectures, motivational speaking performance projects, performing arts based workshops) to nourish, the mind, heart and soul)

\I recently got back from Yosemite where I premiered my one woman show Watch Your Head by Lynda Rodriguez  directed by Paul Kampf at The 2014 Drama Therapy Conference. I am working on touring the show next year.  Please check out the promo reel    l   

I’m in two films One Score and 17 Nights  (directed by Charlotte Ferrell)  and Brad’s Untitled Winter Documentary (directed by Paul Kampf which are now’ hitting the film festival circuits.

I just just finished filming an interview for award winning filmmaker Adrian Esposito's next film. Please visit the website of this amazing and talented up and coming filmmaker

Q) Who Is Next On The Art Around The World Blog Hop?

Next up is Musician, Teacher, Sound Guide and Visionary Writer Ruth McCants. Please check out her website at

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Peace and Grace.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan

The 411 On Diana Elizabeth Jordan
Diana Elizabeth Jordan loves to the analogy of creative octopus to describe the many roles she loves to play as an artist. She is an actor, director, producer, writer, artist educator,/drama specialist, inspirational speaker ,activist and the creative artistic director of The Rainbow Butterfly Cafe (creating Artistic Treats to nourish the mind,the  heart and soul) . Her favorite role to play though is  being Aunt Di to her sweet nephews James Wesley and Jordan. This is her first blog.

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  1. So fabulous to get a peek into your process. Long live the creative octopus!